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The World Cup in kayak and canoe is hosted by Tacen near Ljubljana this weekend. 🛶🌍

ROTO is a proud patron of the Kayak Association of Slovenia and Olympian Benjamin Savšek. The Roto sewer,
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The company ROTO Slovenija, which is part of the ROTO group, has already taken on a new era.
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Gafa Cologne

ROTO International team on Gafa Cologne presented new line of rain barrels, composters and plant raised beds from
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Today at SPOGA&GAFA fair. 😎👍

The ROTO team are currently in Cologne, Germany at the wolrd largest garden trade fair. ✅ We are
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📣☝️3 days to GAFA Cologne ♻️💪👏🤩

After September 2019 we are going to finaly meet you again from 19th to 21st of June 2022
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“ROTO is our second home.”🏡☺️

So says Nuša Pavlinjek Slavinec, who on Wednesday won the Slovenian Economic Oscar, the Chamber of Commerce and
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More than 70% Roto products from recycled materials

At the Roto factory in Puconci, we are completing the project of expanding the department for the preparation
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Who is Nuša Pavlinjek Slavinec, the first Prekmurje woman to win the Slovenian Economic Oscar on Wednesday: the
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💧Do you need drinking water? 💧

Zbiralniki pitne vode RoDrink so izdelani iz naravi prijaznega polietilenskega materiala [PE Dowlex 2432] in so primerni za
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RoOxy wastewater treatment plant

We are proud to present our RoOxy wastewater treatment plant and tell you about some of the benefits
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Applause for our international ROTO team at IFAT! 👏

We are very proud to have in our team specialists from all over the world. Because of this,
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Do you add AdBlue to your vehicle? 🚙💨

Za podjetja OLMA iz Slovenije smo idelali modre rezervoarje za shranjevanje tekočine AdBlue, katera se uporablja za zmanjšanje
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Fire water system

Roto 💪 has built a professional fire water system with Roterra 2450 tanks, which are installed directly next
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🚨Contaminated water represents a major burden on the environment due to batch emissions from production, high organic load and low load on phosphorus and nitrogen. 🏭

In Ekoling, which is a member of the ROTO Group, we developed the technology of cleaning these waters,
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Effective water purification in the production of vegan products

We have just successfully completed the pilot phase of industrial wastewater treatment in a renowned Slovenian company that
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RoDrink in the thermal baths Banovci

In Terme Banovci, we have installed a 22,000l RoDrink tank, which will help collect technological wastewater. 💪🏻 RoDrink
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Did you know?

April 22 is Earth Day and that more than 80% of wastewater is discharged into rivers and seas
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Good morning, we’re here, and you? 😎

Visit us at the MEGRA fair in Gornja Radgona from 21 April to 23 April, where we will
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ROTO donacija Fakulteti za strojništvo Maribor

Faculties and the economy HAND IN HAND

The ROTO Group has been cooperating with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Maribor for
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A snapshot from the Megra fair. 🌠

When a child sees something big, it is not a slide ☺️ Roterra 2450
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Roto water Expo Dubai 2022 waste water treatmen save water save world presentation

Snapshot 🌠 from the DOM fair in Ljubljana.

at the home fair, which took place between 6 and 10 April, we presented novelties to business partners.
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ROTO Slovenija sejem Dom Ljubljana Gospodarsko Razstavišče

Fairs reopened

We are proud that the company ROTO is part of the 60th jubilee fair Dom, which will take
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Roto water Expo Dubai 2022 waste water treatmen save water save world presentation

Last week at the Dubai Expo visit from all over the world also from South Africa, Jordan, India and other countries

ROTO intelligent wastewater treatment products, under the slogan Save the Water, Save the World, proved to be extremely
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Roto water Expo Dubai 2022 waste water treatmen save water save world kids

Children from Dubai enthusiastic about small ROTO tanks

Children from Dubai Primary School visited Water Week as part of the World Expo Dubai. The last week
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Artificial intelligence and Wastewater

INVITATION Wastewater treatment is an important step for pollutant reduction and promotion of water enviroment quality. The uncertainties
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ROTO Roterra sistemi za požarno vodo rezervoarji za vodo deževnico zbiralnik ekologija voda varovanje okolja

EXPO DUBAI: Artificial Intelligence in ROTO Wastewater Treatment ♻️💧

Save the water. Save the planet. With artificial intelligence.👍🌍 Artificial intelligence has become a powerful tool at ROTO
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MEET ROTO SOLUTIONS FOR GAS STATIONS⛽♻️👌💧 Wastewater treatment plants Fire protection systems AdBlue tanks Oil separators Grease separators
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Roto Water Expo Dubai

Reminder 🇸🇮 DUBAI EXPO 🇦🇪 VISIT US 😊

Expo Dubai Water Week 20-26 March 2022 00Days 00Hours 00Minutes 00Seconds How will we protect our most precious
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Fresh and green ♻️EcoBox♻️😊

Take a closer look at our “EcoBox®️” cleaning device. Do you want it? 🤝👌 Play Video
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Olympic champion, paradise African island and sewage treatment plants

Olympic champion, paradise African island and sewage treatment plants All this connects ROTO. 👏Slovenian Olympic gold champion 🥇Benjamin
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How did we install a 12-meter wastewater treatment plant without a lift? In the middle of Africa?

Due to the lack of technical equipment and heavy machinery, diligent villagers came to help install a large
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Roto krožno upravljanje z vodami v urbanih središčih

Circular water management in urban centers

Architects are also involved in the management of water resources in the construction of houses and business facilities.
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ROTO se predstavlja na sejmu Nordbau

The explosion of construction in northern Europe

This can also be seen by visiting the Nordbau trade fair at Hanover, which is the most important
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The fair is for the presentation of novelties

Roto is presenting 22 new products at the AGRA fair in Gornja Radgona. Among the many new products
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We invite you to the Agra 2021 fair in Gornja Radgona

Visit ROTO at the AGRA fair in G. Radgona between 21-26.08.2021, where ROTO will present over 20 new
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How do we make the largest PE water tank in Europe?

At the new ROTO factory in Puconci, we mass-produce 65,000 L tanks in Europe, which can be transported
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Roto sodi za deževnico polni bonbonov Hrvaška Candy Shop

ROTO barrels full with candy

In Croatia, popular candy shops are equipped with ROTO polyethylene barrels, in which they store colorful candies and
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Roto rešitve za letališče Jožeta Pučnika Slovenija Fraport

Slovenia has a top airport acquisition

From 1 July, passengers at Ljubljana’s Jože Pučnik Airport will travel from the new, modern terminal. This brings
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ROTO - Rekonstrukcija regionalne ceste Ruta - Lovrenc - Pesek

Reconstruction of the regional road Ruta – Lovenc – Pesek

During the reconstruction of the regional road R3-701 / 1270 with two contractors, we were involved as a
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Nature offers us water, let’s collect it

With this year’s rain, many people are thinking about and investing in their own water supply. And not
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ROTO Nova usedalnika za cistilno napravo Godovic

New settling tanks for the “Godovič” treatment plant

In the month of May, we at Ekoling d.o.o. began to supply equipment for the “Godovič” treatment plant,
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ROTO - cvetlicni loncki iz reciklirane embalaze

Keep nature clean with FLOWER POTS from recycled packaging

Keep nature clean with FLOWER POTS from recycled packaging On Friday, April 24, 2021, in the laboratory of
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ROTO service

We stand by our customers even after handing over the products. We offer professional support in start-up and maintenance, we guarantee fast delivery of spare parts and service of products.