14,000 products – this is a new sales record for ROTO products, which we have surpassed in Hungary in cooperation with Bauhaus HU 👏

A big hit are ROTO tanks and ROTO flower troughs, which are long-lasting and weather-resistant. 👍

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The new BMW factory in Debrecen have installed ROTO tanks. 💪

This summer, we delivered Roterra tanks to the new Debrecen factory in Hungary. 😊

In the automotive industry, they are increasingly aware of the importance of environmental protection, not only in the area of production, but also in everything related to the surroundings of the factory. 🏭

ROTO has been working closely with the auto industry for two decades. We regularly produce fuel tanks for them and various polyethylene spare parts – this time, we also succeeded in selling rainwater tanks. 🌍

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Supernova Zagreb is water self-sufficient. 👌

Croatia is doing an exemplary job of encouraging water collection and treatment, including in commercial buildings.

Roto oil traps are installed in parking areas, Roterra water collectors in lawns, and grease traps separate animal and vegetable fats from water in restaurants and delicatessens. 👏

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Prevent falls! 🚨 🏃‍♂️

Prevent falls! 🚨 🏃‍♂️


ROTO salt and sand boxes in different colours have a pleasant appearance, are of high quality and allow easy removal of salt through the bottom opening. 💪

Put safety first ☝

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We did it! Our new factory and offices are officially open for business.

It has been a long time in the making, but in November 2022, we opened our new offices and 2,000 square metre factory.

The factory houses our new XXL rotomoulding machine, which is capable of producing items up to six metres wide with a capacity of up to 22,000 litres. We will also be able to assemble the products in the same place, limiting the movement of products, which will save us valuable time.

Congratulations to our skilled team for such a project in these challenging times.

What is virtual water? 💧

Although it sounds complicated, it’s simple. When we buy a product in a shop, we don’t see the water, we don’t take it home with us.
It is all that invisible water that goes into making or producing a product. Water used to produce, process or manufacture food, clothing, paper and other products is called “virtual water”. 💡 ☝
ROTO is also concerned about water reuse in industrial processing plants, as Ekoling d.o.o. , also part of the #ROTOgroup, offers solutions for processing plants in the meat, paper, dairy and manufacturing industries. 🍖 🏭
This is made possible by our dissolved air flotation (DAF) industrial water treatment technology. EkoFloat industrial water systems work on the principle of a dissolved air flotation (DAF) system, which is designed to remove common suspended solids, grease, oils and fats. Air in the water forms micron-sized bubbles that bind to the suspended solids, which then float to the surface of the water. The sludge is skimmed off the surface and the purified water flows away. 💧 ☝
Such purified water can be reused in an industrial plant. 👏 The paper industry is one of the biggest water consumers, alongside the food, chemical, primary metals and refined petroleum industries. In #Slovenia and #Sweden, the paper industry is even the biggest consumer of industrial water.

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Well done 2022 Winners👏🏆👏

Benjamin Savšek, the current Olympic and European champion canoeist, has also been selected as the best athlete of 2022 by the Slovenian Canoe Federation. 🛶🇸🇮

At the gala event, he was also congratulated by this year’s recipient of the Economic Oscar, Nusa Pavlinjek Slavinec, as a representative of the company ROTO Slovenija d.o.o. , which is also a proud sponsor of our Olympian and a long-standing promoter of kayak sport in Slovenia. 👏👏

Our EcoBoxes are ready 💪

Roto Wasser Deutschland takes care of its customers and ensures timely delivery for the Düsseldorf, Germany area.

EcoBox is a wastewater treatment plant and can be an excellent solution for a house with 2-5 or 6-9 people. The smaller tank has a capacity of 4000 liters and the other 6000 liters.

Advantages of the EcoBox cleaning device: 🌎

💡plug and play system and the possibility of remote control
💡excellent statics and load capacity
💡reliable, almost inaudible operation
💡environmentally friendly material, possibility of recycling
💡rotomoulding technology
💡telescopic riser for easy fit to the terrain
💡Polyethylene outer cabinet protects components for carefree operation

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