Do you add AdBlue to your vehicle? 🚙💨

For OLMA companies from Slovenia, we designed blue tanks for storing AdBlue fluid, which is used to reduce emissions and cleaner exhaust for diesel vehicles in the automotive industry. 🚘👍🌎
The tanks have a volume of 5,000 l, only 1.2 m high and are also equipped with mounting screws for easier lifting and transport of the tank.

Fire water system


Roto 💪 has built a professional fire water system with Roterra 2450 tanks, which are installed directly next to the new Raycap surge protection factory in the Komenda industrial zone. ROTO water storage tanks with a volume of 40,000 L are installed according to the recommendations of the construction industry at all major business facilities in order to provide additional water resources in addition to existing hydrants. 🚒🌎


🚨Contaminated water represents a major burden on the environment due to batch emissions from production, high organic load and low load on phosphorus and nitrogen. 🏭

In Ekoling, which is a member of the ROTO Group, we developed the technology of cleaning these waters, and successfully tested it with the pilot treatment plant EcoFloat in one of the largest dairies in Slovenia. 👍😊
With the treatment device, the water is purified to the extent that it can be reused for sanitary water or discharged into watercourses.
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Effective water purification in the production of vegan products

We have just successfully completed the pilot phase of industrial wastewater treatment in a renowned Slovenian company that produces organic vegetarian and vegan food products from seeds, legumes, cereals and vegetables. With the pilot device EkoFloat-R, after 10 days of wastewater treatment, we achieved very successful results based on good knowledge of technology and process management. A major challenge in piloting the flotation plant was the constant fluctuation of pH in the wastewater inflow. Due to the extremely strict standards of the food industry and the consequent use of disinfectants, we encountered constant fluctuations in the different composition of the inflow water, as in the morning they produced paprika-flavored tofu, classic tofu in the morning, other products in the afternoon. consequently also very high values of CCP, TSS and FOG. Already

RoDrink in the thermal baths Banovci

In Terme Banovci, we have installed a 22,000l RoDrink tank, which will help collect technological wastewater. 💪🏻 RoDrink water collectors are made of nature-friendly polyethylene material and are suitable for storing drinking water, but they will be used in Terme Banovci as a collector of wastewater from swimming pools. Wastewater that flows out of the pools will be collected in a tank before going on to the treatment system. Purified water will be reused in swimming pools. 👍