Benjamin Savšek Introduces #PeCycled: New Generation of Recycled Canoes and Kayaks🤩

By developing PeCycled we can reuse old canoes and plastic packaging that would otherwise pollute our planet and transform it into a brand-new product. 🤩

We are introducing the brand-new material to the world with our ambassador, two-time world champion and Olympic champion🥇 Benjamin Savšek.

Join Benjamin Savšek on a journey to sustainability with our innovative recycled canoes and kayaks! 🌿
Whether you’re a seasoned paddler or just starting out, our eco-friendly designs ensure top performance while protecting our planet. ♻️🌍

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Paddling Towards Innovation! ROTO Slovenija joins forces with Benjamin Savšek to bring you cutting-edge canoes and kayaks. 😎

Our continuous innovation ensures top performance. 😎
Why choose ROTO kayaks?

🛶 ROTO Attivo and Delsyk Kayak are high-quality and durable kayaks/canoes from recycled ♻ material, which are tested and promoted by world, European and Olympic champion Benjamin Savšek

🛶 On the Paddle Sport show in Strasbourg the ROTO Attivo canoes from recycled plastic received PADDLE SPORTS PRODUCTS OF THE YEAR AWARD

🛶 Our kayaks and canoes are designed for performance, comfort, and safety.

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Towards New Horizons! 🤩 Proud to announce our partnership with Benjamin Savšek, as we innovate new canoes and kayaks at ROTO Slovenija d.o.o..

 Our collaboration is all about excellence and top performance. 😎

The new PeCycled line are made with recycled material! 🤩

At ROTO, we believe in responsible manufacturing and reducing our carbon footprint. That’s why we have introduced a kayak recycling program.
Here’s how it works: ♻

👉 Return any old or damaged kayaks to ROTO manufacturer.
👉 Our team will carefully recycle the materials and produce new kayaks and canoes from the recycled material.
👉 By participating in this program, not only will you contribute to a cleaner environment, but you will also receive an additional % discount on your purchase of new Roto kayaks or canoes.

Don’t miss Benjamin Savšek journey to Paris 2024, where he’ll compete for another gold! 🏅

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Our family business ROTO is celebrating its 75th anniversary ❤️ 🤩

75 years of entrepreneurial experience is a trump card for us, which is also appreciated by ROTO’s customers.
It is a guarantee of stability and reliability – two very important values ​​in trading..👌
We would like to thank you all of our business partners and our customers for trust in us. 🤗