The company ROTO Slovenija, which is part of the ROTO group, has already taken on a new era.
ROTO has become a leader in industrialised water management solutions, which help companies and individuals with water self-su progress and reduce the water footprint.

Nuša Pavlinjek Slavinec, recent GZS award winner for outstanding achievements: “We also include sensory and artificial intelligence in water purification products. We robotise our own production with the aim of reducing waste and energy consumption. Our noble mission is a clean and green planet.”


Gafa Cologne

ROTO International team on Gafa Cologne presented new line of rain barrels, composters and plant raised beds from recycled polyethilene in wood immitation. ♻️✅

Today at SPOGA&GAFA fair. 😎👍

The ROTO team are currently in Cologne, Germany at the wolrd largest garden trade fair. ✅
We are displaying the Roto barrels in sizes from 50 to 500 litre and the range of planters- including the Bolero, Mambo, Polka, Swing… All product are made from reusable secondary materials. ♻️✅♻️👌

You are welcome to visit us from 19th to the 21st of June. 😎


Installation of decanters for the discharge of treated wastewater

Installation of decanters for the discharge of treated wastewater at the Log Dragomer treatment plant, which is entirely produced by the company Ekoling d.o.o..
Decanters are overflows that release purified water into the outlet when the purification process is complete.
The decanters gradually go down with the water level and evenly collect the purified water approx. 10 cm below the upper water level.


Bled Water Festival

Roto Slovenija is a proud sponsor of BWF, the international water festival, which will take place on June 16 and 17, 2022 in Bled. Recognized European experts discuss the quality of water in the food chain, the importance and self-sufficiency of water, and reducing the water footprint. Join the event. More at

“ROTO is our second home.”🏡☺️

So says Nuša Pavlinjek Slavinec, who on Wednesday won the Slovenian Economic Oscar, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s award for outstanding economic achievements.✨

Director and co-owner of ROTO Slovenija, d.o.o., is proud of her team:
“Our young team, with an average age of 34, fosters a positive climate with good conditions for personal growth. ROTO is our second home, where we share the same values.”

At ROTO, we have noticed that young people in Pomurje are now much more keen to stay at home. ”
Many young Pomuranians are returning home to build a career and a family in their home environment,” says Nuša Pavlinjek Slavinec.
This is also due to ROTO’s strong focus on introducing modern technologies. Young people are getting a chance in an ambitious company.

Pumping stations for an agglomeration for a customer in Croatia.

We have started the production of fecal pumping stations with a diameter of 2400mm and a length of up to 6000mm in polyester, where we will be installing professional hardware in the field.
In total, the project comprises more than 20 fecal pumping stations made of polyester materials, which will be progressively delivered during the year.
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More than 70% Roto products from recycled materials

At the Roto factory in Puconci, we are completing the project of expanding the department for the preparation of secondary materials, including the installation of mills and a sorting warehouse. Director of Roto Slovenia, Nuša Pavlinjek explains: “We use most recycled plastics for the production of kayaks and canoes, as well as garden products such as flower pots and rain barrels, which we produce with robots. At Roto we are proud to perform a noble mission , because with products from recycled raw materials we keep our planet clean and green “. More at