Household pumping station RoPump DN 1200

Roto RoPump hišno črpališče DN1200 x 2300 Pentax DV 200

RoPump DN 1200 pumping stations are used to equalize height differences and are intended for pumping municipal wastewater. Equipment: vertical tank, submersible pumps with bases, level switches, non-return valves, shut-off valves, pressure line, cover.

Additional equipment: catch basket (to prevent damage and / or clogging of the pumps (and pressure line), a catch basket can be mounted at the inlet of the supply pipes).

Pump tanks are made of polyethylene and are corrosion resistant. They are also resistant to all loads that occur during installation and operation of the pumping station.

Operation of the household pumping station: when the level of wastewater in the pumping chamber reaches a certain height (level), the pump is switched on. The pumps are switched on and off by level switches or corresponding sensors. The size of the pump chamber and the level for switching on the pump is determined by the amount of inflow, the capacity of the pumps or the number of starts of the pump in one hour. There are always two pumps installed in the pumping station, so that in the event of a failure of one pump, the smooth operation of the pumping station is still guaranteed. The pressure line is equipped with non-return valves that prevent water from flowing from the pressure line back into the pumping station. The shut-off valve on the pressure line closes in the event of a pump failure.

RoPump DN 1200 x 2300 dimensions

Dimensions [mm]
Ø1200 × 2300
2x Pentax DV 200
Ø1200 × 2300
2x DAB FEKA VS 1200 with guides and base

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