Sewage  shafts

Purpose and use

Sewer shafts are intended for installation on sewer lines as
collection and distribution containers and as inspection openings when maintaining sewers
They are suitable for installation on walking and driving surfaces such as yards, sidewalks,
parking lots and roads. The method of installation and construction of the shaft allow the approach to
be easy and safe.

Construction and  technology

Inspection manholes made of polyethylene [PE] are made with the help of technology
rotomoulding and are available in diameters DN 600, DN 800 and DN 1000 and different heights
up to 5 m. They are distinguished by a long service life, waterproofness and resistance to various
negative impacts. Due to their low weight (wall thickness 7 – 14 mm) there are inspection shafts
easy to transport and manipulate on site.
Different muld constructions allow connections with pipes of different types and manufacturers.
The shaft is made in accordance with the standard SIST EN 13598-2: 2009, which determines the suitability
shaft for impact resistance, circumferential stiffness, watertightness and load-bearing capacity of the shaft.


The installation and connection of ROTO sewer shafts is easy and fast, that’s all
thanks to technologically advanced and developed shaft shapes.
It is made according to the requirements of the project and the client; shall be made at the appropriate heights and
shapes with regard to the types and dimensions of connecting pipes.

Certificates and  reports

ROTO sewer shafts have obtained the following certificates and reports:
• Certificate EBS d.o.o.
• Perimeter rigidity (ZAG Ljubljana)
• Cone resistance (ZAG Ljubljana)
• Slovenian Technical Approval – STS (ZAG Ljubljana)