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Watermeter shafts

Watermeter shafts

Purpose and  use

The water meter thermal shaft is intended for the installation of a water meter outside the building for individual houses or smaller water consumers.

It is installed on walking areas such as lawns, backyards and driveways, such as sidewalks and car parks. The method of installation and the construction of the thermal shaft make the water meter easily accessible for inventory, servicing or replacement.

Construction and technology

ROTO water meter thermal shaft is made of polyethylene (PE) in black. The construction and selected built-in materials protect the water meter from freezing even in the most extreme cases – even on the coldest winter days without water flow. The water meter is secured with a thermal insulation chamber before the outside cold air enters. The open bottom of the ROTO thermal water meter shaft enables the transfer of heat from the ground to the thermal insulation chamber.

Water meter shafts advantages

Installing a meter in a water meter shaft offers a number of advantages, including protection and control, easy access, easy and fast reading of the condition and easy maintenance, service or replacement of the meter.

The internal installation of the shaft, pipes and connecting elements have a long service life. The estimated service life of the elements is more than 50 years, as the materials used are brass and polypropylene. The joints between pipes and couplings are polyfusion welded, which ensures 100% tightness even at higher pressures. Built-in PP-R pipes ensure the highest hygiene standards. The inner surfaces of the pipe are perfectly smooth, which prevents the formation of plaque and biofilm on the walls of the pipe.

Certificates and reports

ROTO water meter shafts have been obtained

the following certificates and reports:

  • Thermal insulation (ZAG Ljubljana) no. of report: 0958 / 18-520-1 (TERMO Ø600) P-1228 / 08-520-1 (TERMO Ø1000)
  • Shaft capacity Class A015 (BTI – Bautechnisches Institut) no. of report: 23000-90-A / 2014 (TERMO Ø600)

Installation example