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Roto inteligentne rešitve za zaščito okolja




ROTO water management systems

About Us

ROTO international company
for the manufacture of plastic products

ROTO is a family business company with more than 70 years tradition. The headquarters is in the Slovenia. Production is organised in 7 factories in different European countries. The company employs more than 500 people and had revenues of 82 mio euro. ROTO exports its products to 65 countries all around the world. Run by the Pavlinjek family, the company has built a global reputation for the quality of its products.

Roto Slovenija Puconci
Roto Slovenija Černelavci

ROTO manufactures more than 4,000 different products. Many of them are made using rotational molding. Indeed, ROTO is one of the market leaders in its industry. It has been responsible for many innovations in plastic- molding technology during the last 45 years and has worked closely with universities, institutes and plastics industry associations. The company’s main production segments are products for construction and ecology, sport, nautic, agriculture, gardening.

Using plastics composites and the latest production technologies, ROTO also makes kayaks, canoes and high-performance boats. Manufacturing as a custom molder, ROTO serves a wide variety of industry sectors including construction, automotive, nautical, logistics, aquaculture and agricultural machinery. Its custom-molded products include fuel and water tanks for motorcycles, tractors, trucks, sailing boats and motorboats, caravans and motorhomes, and components for many different machines.

Latest news

And still more ROTO TANKS BURIED!!

A rain of ROTO UNDERGROUND tanks for the RECOVERY AND TREATMENT OF RAINWATER!! What at the time of
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Biggest tanks for rainwater harwesting

ROTO manufactures the biggest tanks for rainwater harwesting, today picture from the Roterra 50.000 L that fits in
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The Croatian coast is already well aware of the importance of water storage during the dry summer days. 🌡️☀️

The Croatian coast is already well aware of the importance of water storage during the dry summer days.
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Delivery of a 16,000 litre Roterra tank by Roto Hungary

The customer of this tank requires 16,000 litres for a rainwater harvesting project. With a 600mm adjustable riser
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Do you know where all our ROTO products go?🤔

The 5 best reference projects in the field of wastewater treatment plants – 150 PE* CN, Madagascar 😎
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ROTO GROUP CONTINUES TO BELIEVE HIGH ORDER LEVELS, even though its revenues have already increased by almost 40%
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ROTO professional solutions for ecology and environmental protection

ROTO service

We stand by our customers even after handing over the products. We offer professional support in start-up and maintenance, we guarantee fast delivery of spare parts and service of products.