Although it sounds complicated, it’s simple. When we buy a product in a shop, we don’t see the water, we don’t take it home with us.
It is all that invisible water that goes into making or producing a product. Water used to produce, process or manufacture food, clothing, paper and other products is called “virtual water”. ๐Ÿ’ก โ˜
ROTO is also concerned about water reuse in industrial processing plants, as Ekoling d.o.o. , also part of the #ROTOgroup, offers solutions for processing plants in the meat, paper, dairy and manufacturing industries. ๐Ÿ– ๐Ÿญ
This is made possible by our dissolved air flotation (DAF) industrial water treatment technology. EkoFloat industrial water systems work on the principle of a dissolved air flotation (DAF) system, which is designed to remove common suspended solids, grease, oils and fats. Air in the water forms micron-sized bubbles that bind to the suspended solids, which then float to the surface of the water. The sludge is skimmed off the surface and the purified water flows away. ๐Ÿ’ง โ˜
Such purified water can be reused in an industrial plant. ๐Ÿ‘ The paper industry is one of the biggest water consumers, alongside the food, chemical, primary metals and refined petroleum industries. In #Slovenia and #Sweden, the paper industry is even the biggest consumer of industrial water.

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