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ROTO products selected among the most environmentally friendly in 2019

ROTO okolju prijazni izdelki v letu 2019

At the Environmental conference organized by EKO FUND and Slovenian Finance Magazine presented awards to the most environmentally friendly company, product, process and service on November the 7th, 2019. 

Among the applications for the eco-friendly product, the commission selected four finalists: Roto, Kronoterm, Iskra and Marijan Gostecnik. The most environmentally friendly product has been recognized by Roto. 

Roto has developed the EcoBox SBR-Q treatment plant, which is supported by smart remote control monitoring technology and is equipped with a system for transferring and converting data from the waste water treatment plant EcoBox to your self phone. Telemetric performance monitoring reduces operating and servicing costs, enables timely ordering of services, quick access to technical documentation and easy switching between day-to-day and holiday mode of operation. The owner of a sewage treatment plant can monitor its performance on a smart device on a phone or tablet application and does not have to physically interfere with the sewage treatment plant. More at