The RoEco instantaneous treatment plant is intended for the treatment of wastewater from households: kitchens, bathrooms and toilets.

The RoEco instantaneous treatment plant is intended for the treatment of wastewater from households: kitchens, bathrooms and toilets. RoEco achieves high cleaning efficiency with minimal operating costs.

It is characterized by easy operation, low maintenance, low energy consumption, quiet operation, excellent quality and long life.

INFLOW, OUTFLOW – all connections on the treatment plant are already equipped with seals with a diameter of 110 mm.

ROTO Roeco RoEco

The RoEco biological treatment plant purifies water in 3 steps:

1 PRIMARY SETTLER– water from the household flows into the primary settler in which floating non-degradable particles are retained.

2 VENTILATOR – water flows into the ventilator through an opening in the bottom of the primary settling tank. At the bottom of the treatment plant, pipe diffusers are installed through which air is supplied, which enables the biological cleaning process.

3 CLEANER – over the overflow elbow, water flows from the aerator to the clarifier, where sedimentation follows. With the help of an air pump, the sediments are pumped back into the primary settling tank.

Using flow technology, wastewater is treated in accordance with legal limit values. All components of the treatment plant are made in Slovenia from high quality materials.


HINGE COVER DN800 allows easy access, sampling, servicing. The cover can be driven up to 600 kg and is invisible on the green, as it is green and completely leveled after installation. Waterproof cover prevents gas leaks and rainwater inflow. An integrated cover locking system ensures safety against children and third parties.

The EXTENSION is integrated in a tank with a diameter of 800 mm and a height of 500 mm. To make it easier to adjust the depth of the inlet, cut it to the desired height during installation.

The TANK is made of one piece, made of polyethylene by rotary casting. Durability and long service life are ensured by walls from 6 mm to 12 mm thick. Reinforcement ribs improve tank strength and resistance to soil pressures. The flat bottom allows easy and quick installation. Due to the upright shape, a smaller construction pit is required, so installation is cheaper and faster.

The cabinet is installed next to the treatment plant, regardless of the distance from the house.

EARS on the tank allow easier transport, easy installation in the pit or anchoring in the case of groundwater.

THE SAMPLE COLLECTION TANK is integrated, self-cleaning and easily accessible through the inspection opening.

Dimensions of the RoEco treatment plant

Maximum daily inflow [l/dan]
Total volume [L]
3200 L
4000 L
6000 L
Dimensions A x B [mm]
Ø1800 x 2000
Ø1800 x 2350
Ø2300 x 2300
Diameter of inspection openings
1x DN800
1x DN800
2x DN600
Height of inflow/outflow pipe
DN 110
DN 110
DN 125
Compressor flow [l/min]
Power consumption (compressor) [W]
Sound level [dB]
36 dB
36 dB
46 dB
Control system cabinet
P5 upper part
Control unit
RoControl RE
RoControl RE
RoControl RE
Sample shaft
20 L
20 L
20 L
Technical sheet
Dimenzije RotoRoEco

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