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Pumping stations

Household pumping stations

How a does a pumping station work?

ROTO RoPump pumping stations are used in lower-lying buildings where there is no possibility of gravitational runoff and wastewater must be pumped into a higher sewer or treatment plant.

Wastewater is collected in the pumping shaft and when it reaches a certain limit value, the pump pumps it into the sewage system.

Pumping stations consist of a nature-friendly polyethylene [PE] manhole with cover, submersible pump, float switch, non-return and shut-off valve and pressure pipeline

Installation of pumping stations

The household pumping station is suitable for installation in both walking and driving surfaces (up to a load of 125kn). When the household pumping station is placed in a construction pit with a sandy base at the height of the inflow, cut a hole and attach a prefabricated pipe connection and then connect the duct and pressure pipe. Accurate installation and assembly instructions are provided to the customer together with the product.

Roto RoPump hišno črpališče
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