Project description

During the construction of the new Eles Beričevo office building in Ljubljana, the
ROTO fire water system, three pumping stations and sewage manholes were installed to meet the needs of the building. Fire water system (requirement
technical guidelines) is intended for the storage of clean water, which is
in the event of a fire, it is needed to extinguish complex buildings.
Due to the height difference between the building and the sewerage network, three pumping stations were installed in different parts of the building.

ROTO sollution

The fire water system consisted of the installation of polyethylene (PE)
a 40 000 L tank.

Product      RoTerra 1 x 40 000 L WATER TANKS

                   3 x Pumping station

                  16 x Shaft

Object     Office building

Country    Slovenia

Choice of pumping stations

The pumping stations installed were over 2.5 m high and each contained two pumps from Pedrollo. The more complex controls were manufactured by ROTO.

Fire water system

The fire water system consisted of the installation of polyethylene (PE)
tank capacity of 40 000 L and dimensions 10970 x 2310 x 2380 mm. A fire hose connector shall be suitably fitted on the tank. The landscaping and thus the drainage of the rainwater was carried out by means of polyethylene sewer manholes.

Customer support

The solution identification, design and commissioning of the pumping stations was carried out in the presence of the ROTO technical team.

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