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smart waste water treatment plants

High cleaning performance

ROTO water treatment plants purify 95% water. ROTO waste water treatment plants operate safely and reliably, almost inaudibly and without scrubbing and are insensitive to fluctuations in temperature in the environment. Urban waste water from toilets, bathrooms, kitchens and similar sources of pollution in houses are purified to the extent that the water can be safely released into surface waters or subsoil. ROTO waste water treatment plant is constructed according to the European standard SIST EN 12566 and achieves the degree of cleaning prescribed: BOD 5
low operating costs
ROTO treatment plants are characterized by high economy and energy saving. They can be 100% recycled and have excellent statics (wall thickness 10-14 mm).
underground installation
Waster water treatment plants are installted in ground.Ideal if the space above the ground is limited.
Modular installation
Easy to add changing capacity and moving the waste water treatment plant to another location.
Connect and use
Products ready for instant use, quick and easy installation within a few days. Suitable for installation on the ground, where the delivery of concret is difficult or we lack the work force.
Excellent service and support
Fast delivery, maintenance, commissioning and servicing of professional staff. Servicing by Roto includes the verification of mechanical parts of devices, general cleaning and control of the operating state, as well as testing all functions of individual parts of the device. We educate the user about the maintenance and proper use of the treatment plant, but we can also organize and supervise the installation and burial of the waste water treatment plant.
Reliability and trust
There are already over 20,000 ROTO waste water treatment plants from 3 to 2000 units of different types, septic tanks and water tanks. ROTO is a pioneer in the field of waste water treatment plants in Slovenia and Europe. We are installing cleaning devices in more than 50 countries around the world. The award of the ZRMK Institute for Construction in 2008 confirms the quality of the product according to the assessment of the construction profession

Mobile aplication for waste water treatment plants EcoBox

Remote control

remote control of waste water treatment plants ensure us to control working of waste water treatment plant in each moment

Service order

Application ensure us to order the servis or pumping the sludge

Quick switching

With aplication we can switch quick between operation modes (holiday mode)

Control of comsuption

It ensures us quick switching and control over electric comsuption

Technical documentation

With aplication you have always access to tehnical documentaion.

Possibility of

Possibility of delivering waste water treatment plant to the maintenance of the utility company.
Determinating right size of waste water treatment plant is cruicial for rentability

Determinating size of waste water treatment plants