BioMast NG 4 grease separator with biodegradation

ROTO lovilnik maščob maščobnik BioFett NG 4

The BioFett systemreduces fat levels and reduces pH, so it is intended for kindergartens, schools, restaurants over 400 meals / day, food distribution shops over 400 meals / day, nursing homes, etc. The standard defines only the mechanical separation of solid particles, fats and wastewater. ROTO grease separator has BIOLOGICAL BREAKDOWN OF FAT and regulated pH REGULATION in the grease separator, so it reaches the required limit values of the pH parameter at the outlet of the trap.

How it works: Dirty water flows into the grease separator, where the initial part acts as a sludge precipitator, solid particles. Here the water flow slows down to such an extent that solid particles, sludge can be excreted or. they settle to the bottom of the chamber. Furthermore, the fat then rises to the surface due to its lower weight. In front of the inlet there is a cabinet with a dosing station with bacteria and a peristaltic pump for pH regulation. NaoH base is added at the inlet, where the acidity of the pH is regulated. We then add bacteria from the dosing station that break down fats into carbon dioxide and water. The product is tested on the NG4 fat trap, where the flow rate is q = 4 L / s and the daily number of meals is 400 – 700 / day. The grease complies with the SIST EN 1825-1 standard.

Dimensions of BioMast NG 4 grease separator with biodegradation

Dimensions A x B x C [mm]
2180 x 700 x 1725

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